Stephen Moyer scores himself two movie roles, non-vamp related

For TRUE BLOOD fans, the wait for season three is about to come to an end. This Sunday is the start of an interesting new chapter with Bill Compton out of the spotlight.

Everyone's trying to figure out what's going on. One minute he's enjoying dinner with Sookie, the next minute he disappears...

Well, the actor who plays Bill, Stephen Moyer might be out for a bit considering he's landed two feature film roles.

The first film titled, THE DOUBLE comes from WANTED scribe Michael Brandt, who is also directing. Moyer will star as a Russian spy opposite Richard Gere and Topher Grace. The film centers on "a retired CIA operative (Gere) forced to partner with a young FBI agent (Grace) to hunt down the killer of a senator in Washington." Brandt wrote the story along with partner on WANTED, Derek Haas.

Next film is a big-screen take on the 1960's series, THE BIG VALLEY that once starred Barbara Stanwyck. Moyer will head back to Louisana to work with Jessica Lange, who is taking on the Stanwyck role. The story is about a family of ranchers in the 19th century. Moyer plays the role of Jarrod Barkley, the respected attorney that fights for ranchers trying to keep their land. Daniel Adams (THE GOLDEN BOYS) wrote the screenplay and is directing.

Extra Tidbit: How many TRUE BLOOD fans do we have here?
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