Stephen Norrington gives an update for The Crow re-imagining

It's been a bit since any recent news came through on THE CROW re-imagining that's being helmed and penned by Stephen Norrington (BLADE).

In an exclusive with Mania, Norrington gives somewhat of an update on the film, "The producer and visual effects people are crunching numbers. We've opened discussions with major cast but nothing is final yet." The director said that he hopes to film this summer, but nothing is certain. He also stated that CROW will most likely start filming before LOST PATROL.

Why do I even bother calling it a re-imagining? Norrington has made it clear that his film will not be a reboot of Alex Proyas' film from '94. The new CROW will have a different take on the story that focuses on a new set of characters.

How does this sound to everyone? I know that this film has die hard fans, such as myself, but it's hard to automatically go, "This shit sucks!", with it being this early in development. Well, I guess we're just going to have to wait and see.

Source: STYDMania



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