Stern goes to School

Back in 2002 it was announced that Howard Stern was producing a remake of the 1979 rock comedy ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL. Six years later we still have no post-PRIVATE PARTS movie from Stern, whether it be HIGH SCHOOL or the planned PORKY'S remake. But now it looks like HIGH SCHOOL may be taking a step closer to actually happening. Stern and Larry Levinson are producing the film and have hired Alex Winter (yes that Alex Winter) to write the script. Winter could presumably have been hooked up with Stern through Jimmy Kimmel where Winter has written and directed bits since 2003 (Kimmel and Stern are good buds and vacation together). The film followed a group of high-school kids who, in an effort to fight their oppressive principal, bring The Ramones to school to rock the place out. Presumably The Ramones would be replaced by some other current rock band, hopefully not Fall Out Boy. We've been waiting for more cinema Stern since PRIVATE PARTS and though we came close with MAN OF THE YEAR (a role originally written for Stern before Robin Williams came aboard) so hopefully this will come together.

Extra Tidbit: Frequent Stern guest Beetlejuice in TRANSFORMERS 2
Source: Variety



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