Steve Carell gets ready to sing for his next comedy

Steve Carell is no stranger to singing in his movies. Whether it be "Let My Love Open the Door" in DAN IN REAL LIFE or "Afternoon Delight" in ANCHORMAN, the dude has some chops and he's not afraid to bust out in song. But for his next comedy, singing could be a big part of his performance. Carell has signed on to star in and produce a feature remake of the documentary OF ALL THE THINGS about songwriter Dennis Lambert.

The film will star Carell as Lambert, a minor musical success in the late 70s and 80s who gave up on his musical career and moved to Florida to sell real estate. One day, 35 years after his album was released, his son finds out it was wildly popular in the Phillippines and they embark on a two-week concert tour.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (the latter of which, you may remember as younger brother Sam on "Freaks and Geeks") wrote the script that Carell will produce through his Carousel Productions at Warner Bros. The original documentary was released in 2008 and was quickly acquired by WB.

Carell has a number of projects in the works but considering he's leaving "The Office" in just a few months, he's gotta start ramping up the film work. His next film, CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE is set for release this April.

Extra Tidbit: Before moving to Chicago to start a comedy career, Carell was a mailman in Massachusetts.
Source: Variety



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