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Steve Carell will be big in the Philippines


Steve Carell might be getting another chance to show off his singing voice (or at least pretend he is).

The funnyman is reportedly considering a project based on the real-life story of music producer/songwriter Dennis Lambert, a hitmaker ("Rhinestone Cowboy", "We Built This City") who released a solo album that stiffed in the States but became a gigantic success in the Philippines.

While working real estate in Florida as a post-music career, Lambert was long pursued to perform in the Pacific island country that adored him, ultimately acquiescing for a concert tour captured in a documentary called OF ALL THE THINGS (the title of his biggest "hit").

According to Vulture, Warner Bros. is after the rights to the little-seen documentary, with plans to adapt Lambert's story for Carell to croon for Southeast Asians.

Extra Tidbit: Carell's melodious pipes have already been featured on "The Office" and in HORTON HEARS A WHO, DAN IN REAL LIFE and THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN.
Source: Vulture



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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