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Steven Spielberg is developing a Minority Report TV series


Steven Spielberg continues to dive headfirst into producing projects for television. With series like UNDER THE DOME, FALLING SKIES, and the Halle Berry vehicle EXTANT bearing his trademark, Spielberg is now going to try and adapt one of his own films for the small screen. The Wrap cites Spielberg's popular Tom Cruise flick MINORITY REPORT as being up for the network treatment.

MINORITY REPORT was set in the near future and followed the PreCrime Unit, headed by Cruise, who investigated crimes before they happened thanks to a trio of PreCogs who could visualize illegal acts before they happened. Spielberg is apparently looking to bring Max Borenstein on board to script the series. Borenstein recently wrote the screenplay for Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA.

It seems likely that the MINORITY REPORT series would take more of a police procedural approach, similar to CBS' PERSON OF INTEREST and FOX's cancelled ALMOST HUMAN. It is unknown if Spielberg has anyone in mind for the lead role or if there is even a network involved, but you can rest assured that it seems a lock for at least one channel to be interested in this series based on name recognition alone.

Source: The Wrap



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