Steven Spielberg to bring Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon to life

Once again, Steven Spielberg is bringing another project by Stanley Kubrick to life.

The helmer told French TV network, Canal this:

"I've been developing a Stanley Kubrick screenplay for a miniseries -- not for a motion picture -- about the life of Napoleon."

Another biopic it is! NAPOLEON was a great labor of love for Kubrick who spent much time on it writing the script in 1961, until it unfortunately was stalled in the 70s due to budget and production challenges. In a letter to Oskar Werner offering him the lead role, Kubrick said, “It’s impossible to tell you what I’m going to do except to say that I expect to make the best movie ever made." He also looked to Audrey Hepburn for a role, who turned down the role because she decided not to work for awhile, but responded classically Audrey with, "Will you please think of me again someday?"

Spielberg will work with Kubrick's family to bring the biopic to fruition. The two worked together on 2001s A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE which started as an idea from Kubrick, then was later written and directed by Spielberg.

Can Spielberg due NAPOLEON justice-- and as a miniseries?

Source: THR



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