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Stewart as Jett pic


Just looking over what I've been writing about recently, it could easily be construed this week that I hate everyone and I'm the kind of person who sits at my keyboard and trolls all the live long day because I'm just a shitty person. But come on, Eli Roth and Ashton Kutcher? You've gotta give me those.

Anyway, I mention this because I'm going to add a third in Kirsten Stewart. I don't like her. She openly shits on her fans, and she just seems to be far too impressed with herself for a 19 year old. It's not like she's out there curing cancer, or writing for a film website like scientists or myself. She's gotta get some perspective if you ask me.

Here she is as rocker Joan Jett in the upcoming film THE RUNAWAYS.

Extra Tidbit: The working title on this flick is "Neon Angels".
Source: Jezebel



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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