Still a Mad World?

The idea of a sequel to IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (especially with the cast of Jonathan Winters, Mickey Rooney, Sid Caesar, Edie Adams, Carl Reiner, Peter Falk and Jerry Lewis all returning) isn't exactly one that has me jumping up and down. Didn't we try to redo MAD WORLD with that awful RAT RACE movie that had Whoopi Goldberg and Jon Lovitz? The sequel, which would add another MAD to the title to differentiate it, would follow the further misadventures when it's revealed that the money in the original film was counterfeit. So there's yet another wacky race to uncover the hidden treasure. For those of you who haven't seen this movie your grandparents probably thought was hilarious, I'd direct you instead to the "Simpsons" episode "Homer the Vigilante," which is pretty much a parody of the entire movie (but tons funnier). And while I'm here, if you're going to do a race-for-treasure remake, why not redo MIDNIGHT MADNESS, the 80s-era cult classic? You could even bring back Eddie Deezen in a cameo... Just a thought, Hollywood, just a thought.

Source: Variety



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