Stiller behind Breakups

Ben Stiller will produce a film entitled BREAKUPS ARE THEIR BUSINESS, based on an article in Time Magazine about a Japanese firm that specializes in doing whatever it takes to assist their clients in breaking up with their significant others.  While that may sound like an odd concept in the US, it makes perfect sense in Japan.  In their culture, it is customary for the man, and the man only, to initiate the dissolution of a relationship.  The women hire this firm to coerce, blackmail and entrap the man until he has no choice but to call an end to the relationship.

Whether the film will be Americanized or not remains to be seen. While this film seems to be gathering much more speed, Steven Soderbergh and Ridley Scott both had separate projects with a similar theme in development. With Stiller attached as producer and Farrelly Brothers collaborator Ricky Blitt, you can expect this version to lean heavy on the humor angle.

Source: Variety
Tags: Hollywood



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