Stiller feels Used again

Ben Stiller's a busy guy lately -- not only is he keeping his directing chops sharp with a couple of big projects, he's also defibrillating the comatose comedy USED GUYS.

The high-concept sci-fi laffer was previously put in cryostasis when Fox decided the buddy comedy was eating through too much budget with Stiller, co-star Jim Carrey and director Jay Roach (AUSTIN POWERS). But it's getting thawed and pressed through the grinder as a new above-line friendly vehicle for Stiller and... Reese Witherspoon?

The story takes place in a future where women run the world and buy/trade cloned dudes like meat cars, and will apparently now focus on the relationship between Stiller's outdated model (insert obvious ZOOLANDER pun) and his "owner" Witherspoon. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE) are attached to direct.

The previous version would've seen Stiller and his CABLE GUY star Carrey as obsolete "pleasure clones" searching for a mythical refuge known as Mantopia. Which honestly sounds more like a pilot for Spike TV than a $120 million movie.

Extra Tidbit: Stiller had some cool praise for Ron Silver after his recent death.
Source: THR



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