Stiller finds Pease

Jason Schwartzman and Ben Stiller have signed on to star in the upcoming comedy THE MARK PEASE EXPERIENCE for Paramount Vantage. Veteran comedic actor Todd Louiso (Dick from HIGH FIDELITY) will direct the film from a script by Jacob Koskoff. The film would star Schwartzman as title character Mark Pease, an out-of-work actor who's still living as if he were the musical star he was back in high school. As his former theater teacher Mr. Gribble (Stiller) prepares his latest play, Pease is forced to come to terms with his own existence and begin moving on with his life. Michael London (SIDEWAYS) will produce the film for Paramount. Filming on PEASE is scheduled to begin this March after Schwartzman returns from India where he's filming THE DARJEELING LIMITED for Wes Anderson. Stiller is prepping his next directorial effort TROPIC THUNDER and can be seen this summer in the THE HEARTBREAK KID for the Farrellys.

Extra Tidbit: Louiso also can be seen in bit parts in JERRY MAGUIRE, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING and SNAKES ON A PLANE.
Source: Variety



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