Stiller gets bros

After THE SQUID AND THE WHALE emerged as a contemporary classic, and MARGOT AT THE WEDDING considered a grossly underrated gem, director Noah Baumbach has become one of Hollywood's most prized possessions. His next film--the Ben Stiller vehicle GREENBERG--has just received a jolt with the casting of Rhys Ifans, Brie Larson and Juno Temple, with Scott Rudin producing.

The story revolves around a New Yorker (Stiller) who moves to Los Angeles to housesit for his brother and figure out his life. He ends up getting romantically involved with his brother's assistant played by relative unknown Greta Gerwig. Ifans will play Stiller's best friend, who is going through a nasty divorce. Larson will play Stiller's college-age infatuation, and Temple will portray her best friend.

I respect Stiller more than I respect my own father, and I respect Baumbach more than I respect my own father in a thong. I say bring it on.
Extra Tidbit: Baumbach is married to Jennifer Jason Leigh. Lucky prick.
Source: Variety



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