Stiller is King

Ben Stiller will produce and possibly star in THE RETURN OF DOUG for DreamWorks based on the upcoming Oni Press graphic novel. The story follows a guy named Doug who must return to the fantasy world he abandoned 30 years earlier. That's the logline that doesn't tell you much and details on the book are scant. There wasn't even an official listing at the Oni Press website. Anybody out there have any more details information? The book was written by Greg Erb and Jason Oremland who recently co-wrote the upcoming Disney animated film THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. Stiller has a busy acting schedule with NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 later this year and the Tom Cruise comedy HARDY MEN also on the way. Stiller has been busy producing despite his busy schedule and even has the horror flick THE RUINS in theaters this Friday. He's also producing, directing and starring in the summer's epic comedy TROPIC THUNDER.

Extra Tidbit: Wouldn't it be nice to see Stiller and Judd Apatow together again for a film?



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