Stiller really In Deep

When I think of comedy directors, Mark Romanek isn't exactly the first guy who comes to mind. I think he's an amazing director but there hasn't been much in his work to date (ONE HOUR PHOTO and his many music videos) that have shown much in the way of laughs. But Romanek and Ben Stiller are getting set to team up on the upcoming comedy IN DEEP. The film is actually based on a concept that was hatched in the mid-80s - a guy gets a parking ticket and subsequently becomes involved in increasing criminal accusations. Kinda sounds like a role perfect for Stiller, no? Since the script was written back in the age of New Coke, it's gonna have to be updated and DreamWorks has brought in Steve Conrad (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS) to do a complete rewrite (and get paid almost $2 million to do so). Stiller and Romanek will produce along with Robert Weide ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"). Stiller is getting ready to direct TROPIC THUNDER with Jack Black and Owen Wilson and has THE HEARTBREAK KID set for release later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Mark Romanek's official site is a great compilation of his work on music videos and commercials.



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