Stopping Power people

Looks like John Cusack will get plenty of action in STOPPING POWER, as he now has a girlfriend and a villain. The flick has added Melissa George and Jason Isaacs to the cast. You might be surprised to find out who's playing which role! Or not.

The juicy-lipped beauty (no, not Isaacs, though he's got a pretty good pucker) has been busy with genre fare lately (AMITYVILLE HORROR, TURISTAS, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) and now provides eye candy for Jan de Bont's relentless action movie, which reportedly features "a 51-minute, real-time chase involving cars, helicopters and jets".

Isaacs continues his run of villainy (HARRY POTTER, THE PATRIOT) as a guy who steals Cusack's recreational vehicle, complete with daughter. He uses the kidnapped offspring to coerce Cusack's test pilot to do his bidding and generally wreck his European vacation. The screenplay is written by Eric Red and the production begins barreling forward with frightening velocity next month in Germany.
Extra Tidbit: Isaacs has worked with Paul WS Anderson on five films so far. It's therefore possible he hasn't seen any of them yet.



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