Stopping Power stops

It seems like Fate really despised SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL (and THE HAUNTING and TOMB RAIDER 2). Just before director Jan de Bont was ready to roll on his new action flick STOPPING POWER, the project has apparently crumbled due to financing issues.

The $40 million movie was to star John Cusack as a test pilot vacationing in Europe with his daughter and girlfriend (Melissa George). Villian Jason Isaacs steals his RV and kidnaps the youngster, forcing Cusack's hero to commit various crimes and ludicrously high-speed chases (including one "real-time" sequence that would purportedly last 50 minutes).

Investor balking probably happens to a lot of projects, but we don't usually hear about it this far into the production process (or with talent like Cusack involved). Variety says the film is "cancelled", but the press release at Coming Soon uses terms like "suspended" and "postponed", so it's conceivable we could still see Cusack wheeling recklessly through narrow streets.
Extra Tidbit: Cusack has three other finished works awaiting release: GRACE IS GONE, MARTIAN CHILD and the unofficial GROSSE POINTE BLANK sequel WAR, INC.
Source: Variety



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