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Storm Chasers pay tribute to Bill Paxton after his death


Bill Paxton tragically died a couple days ago at age 61. He is a guy who was in so many movies, and many times the most memorable parts of them. Think of the punk in TERMINATOR, Hicks, the "Game Over" guy, from ALIENS, or the father in his directorial debut FRAILTY (which is so good you guys). But arguably one of his most iconic roles is when he played the lead in Jan de Bont's TWISTER.

Well, in a heart-warming display, a large group of Storm Chasers decided to pay tribute to Paxton, by coordinating through social media to bring us this:

That's so cool. R.I.P. Bill, you will sorely be missed.

Extra Tidbit: P.S. go watch TWISTER again guys. It's cheesy as hell, and some of the effects are a bit dated; however, I'd argue the film holds up well overall, and it's just damn fun!
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