Storm Warriors footage

I'm not sure how many of you saw STORM RIDERS when it came out ten years ago but it rocked my world back then, and this new footage from the second movie is doing pretty much the same now. The original film was about an evil warlord (Sonny Chiba) who adopted two young warriors (Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng) who were destined to be great fighters, so that he might take over the world. STORM WARRIORS is not a direct sequel, but rather another story, involving the same characters. Although I have to assume it takes place after the first film. You can check out the trailer BELOW.

If you're looking for a second 300, this might help, as the directors (The Pang Brothers, BANGKOK DANGEROUS) have been very upfront about admitting that the look Snyder employed in his movie, is exactly what they were going for in theirs.
Extra Tidbit: STORM WARRIORS will be the first Chinese film to be shot in bluescreen and on custom-made sets.
Source: Twitch



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