Strauses talk AVP3

Our man on the scene in LA JimmyO got a chance to visit Hydraulx, the FX studio where Greg and Colin Strause are putting the finishing touches on ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM. There he got to rap with the Strauses, see some footage from the film and take a look at how they're putting together some of the big scenes from the movie. Before he puts together his final report, he sent me a quick word on a possible third AVP movie. When asked about a third film, Colin Strause says, "The way we kind of end this, we are kind of done here [on Earth] so the next one may be before ALIEN but definitely kind of needs to be more of a space epic." It sounds like they're definitely invested in another AVP film. Strause adds, "the next ones gotta be in space." Funnily enough, their inspiration for REQUIEM was TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, which is an interesting slant. Based on what I've seen from REQUIEM, I'm definitely curious to see what they could pull of for the final installment in the trilogy. Stay tuned to JoBlo.com for more from the AVP-R edit bay including full interviews with both the Strause brothers. AVP-R hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Extra Tidbit: The alien screech noise was made by combining a peacock and a baby elephant.
Source: JoBlo.com



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