Streep loves her kitty

Meryl Streep is attached to star in an adaptation of the book "Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World." Seriously. In the film Streep would play a librarian who finds a kitten living in the book return drop box and adopts him as the mascot. How exactly he "touches the world" remains to be seen (especially since I live in this world and have never even heard of Dewey the Cat, let alone been touched by him). Pamela Gray, who worked with Streep on MUSIC OF THE HEART, is writing the adaptation of the Vicki Myron book. Before you think this is something that would be better suited to the Lifetime Movie Network, know that several studios were bidding on the project before New Line was able to pick it up. If you have the desire to be "touched" by Dewey the Cat, might I suggest visiting his Facebook page? His Facebook page?!?!

Extra Tidbit: Now I feel like an asshole. Dewey has died. That's kinda sad.
Source: Variety



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