Street Fighter guy

Here's a dilemma: There's a talent strike supposedly on Holllywood's horizon, you have the rights to the STREET FIGHTER videogame property, and Paul WS Anderson and Uwe Boll don't have room on their schedules. Where the hell do you turn?

Obviously you go directly to unpronounceable cinematographer turned director Andrjez Bartkowiak, who last brought DOOM to theaters (along with lousy Jet Li and Steven Seagal movies). That's just what Fox and Hyde Park are doing with Capcom's perpetual game series, which will now apparently focus on leggy combatant Chun Li and her "journey for justice". One can assume many other characters from the game's expansive and high-haired roster will also appear and make exclamations like "Shoryuken!" while executing various kick-flurries, energy waves and overly complex combos.

The script for the live-action puncher comes from suddenly ubiquitous scribe Justin Marks (HE-MAN, VOLTRON, and that GREEN ARROW prison movie). The new movie will ignore the 1994 Van Damme flick, as so many other people have tried to do. Especially the estate of Raul Julia.
Extra Tidbit: I think I'll just watch the Sonny Chiba STREET FIGHTER movies instead. And maybe read some Cammy slashfic. Or write some...
Source: Variety



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