Street Kings??

Captain Generic strikes again! Apparently there was a little concern over the similarity between the title of this flick, and the Zack Snyder film WATCHMEN. And so, well... THE NIGHT WATCHMAN has apparently now been retitled STREET KINGS, thus ending a lot of my interest in it. Seriously, this is a horrible, horrible name for a film. This would be a horrible name for a horrible video game about about rogue skate boarders, but for a noir-ish dirty cop flick written by people like James Ellroy and David Ayer? You couldn't do any better than STREET KINGS? I don't know how the hell this happened, and I don't know how they could possibly be involved, but I'm inclined to blame that bunch of Patriots players who couldn't bring down Eli Manning before he hoisted the ball towards Tyree. THE NIGHT WATCHMAN/STREET KINGS is about an LA cop (Keanu Reeves) whose wife dies and then is framed for murder by those close to him. After this he embarks on a mission to clear his name and once again, become king of the street. Yeah, see, that just sounds stupid. Maybe the guys who framed him are the street kings? Oh, whatever. The film also stars Chris Evans, Hugh Laurie, Common and Forest Whitaker.
Extra Tidbit: STREET KINGS??
Source: Fox Searchlight



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