Street Kings prequel?

David Ayer told JoBlo.com that Fox Searchlight has approached him about the possibility of doing a prequel to STREET KINGS. Our man, the dashing and debonair JimmyO spoke to Ayer (full interview forthcoming), who told him that "I think a prequel is actually pretty interesting. Which is, what got these people into this situation. It may sound corny but, 99.9% of people get into law enforcement because they want to help people. And so you take that, bright eyed-bushy tailed rookie, and how does he become the Tom Ludlow."

A film about how a good guy turns into a corrupt cop that seems to shoots everything he sees? Absolutely. I'd still like to see Ayer handle a Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy, where she finds that the love she was looking for was in her the whole time or possibly in the pure essence of progressive hip-hop dance, but this sounds cool too. If you missed it, make sure you check out that sweet new trailer. STREET KINGS opens on 11th April.
Extra Tidbit: Ayer banked a million bucks for TRAINING DAY.
Source: JoBlo.com



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