Strip 'Em Up!

I think you're gonna be reading a lot more about this movie, SHOOT 'EM UP, on our site until its release on September 7th, for a few reasons: 1) we really dig all three actors in the film 2) the director is a very cool and excitable dude who obviously loves the process of making a fun action movie 3) the trailer makes the film look like a really fun action extravaganza 4) the folks who have seen the movie so far have been telling me that it rocks and 5) Monica Bellucci is hot! Yeah, I know that last one is kinda weak, but just go with me on that one. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, CLICK HERE.

New Line Cinema, the studio behind the flick, is also doing a great job marketing the movie to this point, as they flew both Owen and the director out to San Diego for the Con, put together some successful early screenings down there, have created some wicked trailers so far and now, as per their very popular SNAKES ON A BABE feature last year, another STRIPPING-based online game for you all (yes, we're "easy" like that). Although the game is anything but hard (much like my penis), it'll pass your time and if you actually want to see the girl's haha's, click on the R-rated version once you're done with the kiddie version. That said, we don't get any "bush" this time around, kids...sorry. Oh, and look for our interviews with the entire cast and director very soon.

Source: Strip Shooter



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