Sulu joins Sandler

It's been quite the career renaissance for "Star Trek" star George Takei. He started with frequent hilarious appearances on "The Howard Stern Show," then was cast on "Heroes" and now has been cast alongside YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN. But wait, hasn't ZOHAN been done filming for some time? I thought so as Sandler moved on to filming BEDTIME STORIES and the film has been testing an early cut of the film. But apparently they're working on reshoots as Takei confirmed on this morning's Stern show that he's flying back to Los Angeles this weekend to shoot a few scenes for ZOHAN. He was sketchy on the details of his character but did say that he is filming with Sandler's character. (His first line is "Hello, stranger" which might give you some insight to Takei's character.) Takei has also been rumored to be making a brief cameo in JJ Abrams' STAR TREK but that hasn't been confirmed yet. And for those of you who've missed Takei's work on Stern, you've got to get yourself a Sirius and check it out. The dude is insanely honest about his life and spent a good hour this week talking about how he likes to watch porn and then soap himself up in the shower. OK, some of the humor was just lost in that recap but trust me, it's funny. Anyone with any more info on the ZOHAN reshoots, feel free to check in...

Extra Tidbit: Takei has guest-voiced "The Simpsons" three times.
Source: JoBlo.com



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