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Summit has Alibi


Now that Summit has a few extra bucks in their pockets (their NEW MOON is kinda popular, y'know), the company is putting more projects in the pipe.

Summit has grabbed the lesser-known Top Cow espionage comic ALIBI for feature treatment, and handed it off to writer John Hlavin (UNDERWORLD 4, "The Shield") in the desperate hope it will be the next WANTED, which was also adapted (barely) from a Top Cow series.

The story involves a professional assassin with an uncanny ability to cover his tracks -- every time he's a suspect for a high-profile hit, he conveniently has an alibi that places him elsewhere. Things go well until someone discovers his secret (which is a twin, of course).

Summit has another comic adaptation currently rolling: the all-star action flick RED, based on a Warren Ellis book. That one features Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, among quite a few others.

Extra Tidbit: Now I've got Thin Lizzy's "Waiting for an Alibi" stuck in my head...
Source: Variety



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