Summit wants Beaver

Snidely Gibson

Mel and Jodie's onscreen reunion announced earlier this summer might be getting a home and budget, if the people behind TWILIGHT have their say.

Summit Entertainment, the new "it" movie company, is in final negotiations to pick up THE BEAVER, Jodie's next as a director and co-star to Snidely Whiplash Mel Gibson.  Screenwriter Kyle Killen might only be on his first gig, his script still attracted lots of buzz when being tagged as one of the best unproduced scripts, last December.

The dark comedy will center on Mel as a depressed man whose hope for happiness resides in a beaver puppet. Personally, they had me at Jodie directing Mel in a Dark Comedy. It would be a perfect come-back gig for Mel who hasn't acted in anything since... Wow, can't even remember. Proves my point...

Shooting is set for next month, probably with a mid-to-late 2010 release date now that it's a got studio backing (or almost).

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, he DOES look like Snidely Whiplash in that pic. It's almost freaky. Where's Dudley when you need him?



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