Sundance trailers

FirstShowing have got a couple of new trailers for a couple of Sundance films:

GOLIATH is a bizarre, cool looking flick about a dude, who - faced with a demotion, a pending divorce, and less-than-friendly neighbors - pins his hopes for salvation on finding his missing cat, Goliath. Directed by David Zellner and starring David Zellner and Caroline O'Connor.

BOTTLE SHOCK looks to be the best of the bunch. The film is about a wine connoisseur who travels to California to find a great wine. He seems to find it out in some vineyard where people have sex with whoever makes the best Chardonnay. The entire supporting cast (Freddy Rodriguez, Rachael Taylor, Chris Pine, Eliza Dushku) are charming and hot enough to trick me into thinking a movie about wine might be cool. And Alan Rickman, well he's just brilliant.

I've read that DOWNLOADING NANCY director Johan Renck is the next David Fincher, but nothing in this trailer would make me think that. I hate it when people are called the 'next' whoever. I think my hatred started when anytime there was a foul language and violence in one movie whoever made it became the 'next' Tarantino. Anyway, this movie is the tale of an unhappy wife (Maria Bello) whose online search for someone to put her out of her misery (Jason Patric) results in a torturous love affair.

Check 'em all out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Is it just me or does Maria Bello seem to do a lot of sex scenes?
Source: First Showing



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