Sunny Days for Vaughn

The words "Vince Vaughn" and "drama" go together like "Daniel Barna" and "ugly"--in the sense that they dont--at all. But even I have my off days and I guess even Vince Vaughn stars in dramas. Such is the case with SUNNY AND 68, a Vaughn-starring vehicle being picked up by Universal to be directed by Gavin O'Connor, whose PRIDE AND GLORY hasn't done so well.

In any case, Vaughn will play an alcoholic poker star whose wild ways cause him to melt down on national television. Deeply in debt, he heads home to upstate New York for the first time in decades to a mother dying of cancer and a daughter he never knew. I'm assuming redemption ensues. I definitely see Vince nailing the sleazy alcoholic poker player--it's the whole redeemed thing I'm having trouble with. But with glimpses of depth in last year's INTO THE WILD, I'm sure our boy Vinnie will do fine. Just fine.
Extra Tidbit: I hope to live to see the day Vince Vaughn wins an Academy Award. The speech would be just gold.
Source: Variety



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