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Green Arrow: Quiver - book cover

Good news for DC fans who are hoping for a quality film on Green Arrow: According to David Goyer, the uber-cool sounding SUPER MAX is still alive and moving forward. Although it ain't moving VERY fast...

Talking to MTV recently, Goyer who's attached as producer confirmed the project is still among Warner's good intentions and somewhat being updated. "We're working on that. We're about to bring on another writer," says the man. "Obviously, Warner Bros. is now heavily into mining all of the various DC properties." Obviously ($$$).

The film, initially scripted by Justin Marks, centers on Green Arrow, AKA Oliver Queen, being framed and sent to a maximum security prison for super villains where he'll need to forge unlikely alliances to escape and clear his name. So who's the new writer? And when can we expect to finally see that darn thing???

Extra Tidbit: I vote Kevin Smith to write and Ewan McGregor as Ollie Queen!
Source: MTV



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