Superbad poster

And the irony is, this poster’s pretty good. SUPERBAD is a product of Judd Apatow’s comedy lab, written by genetically engineered scribes Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who cut their teeth writing for DA ALI G show on HBO. Rogen is poised to break out as the star of the upcoming Apatow-directed KNOCKED UP, and he and Goldberg have the upcoming stoner comedy THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (directed by David Gordon Green???) due out next year. These boys are on their way.

The movie centers on two high school friends who try and score some booze so they can score some broads before they head off too college and their innocence is gone forever. If this movie is anything like my life, boozing won’t get the guys laid, but leave them by themselves late at night, raiding the fridge and stealing their roomate’s food, then passing out while watching Bill O’Reilly clips on Youtube. But I doubt the studio would greenlight something like that, even if Apatow is behind it. Rogen and Goldberg are friends from childhood and this movie is based on their own experiences. Michael Cera (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) and Jonah Hill (ACCEPTED) star. You can be superbad on August 17 and supergood by clicking on the poster to ENLARGE.

Extra Tidbit: I had a class with Evan Goldberg in university. At the time he was writing for Ali G, and if I had known that this was in store for him, I would have made more of an effort to be his friend. Call me, Ev?
Source: Cinema Blend



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