Superbad red trailer

Between KNOCKED UP, SUPERBAD, and THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, it feels like I'm writing about Seth Rogen every night. I'm also building a a sculpture of him made from stryofoam cups and pipe cleaner, but that's an entirely different subject.

In recent weeks we've been given the trailer and poster for SUPERBAD, a movie Rogen penned with his partner Evan Goldberg. So far it's all looking pretty dandy, and like Rogen has yet another sleeper comedy hit on his hands. Today we were given the 'red band' trailer for the film, which is pretty much a fancy way of saying R-rated. Instead of that green screen that introduces the trailers we're so used to seeing, this trailer's rating screen is red and can play in front of R, NC-17, and unrated films.

But basically the purpose of this trailer is to show that SUPERBAD isn't going to be your typical, watered-down teen movie and that it's got some edge to it, but from the tag team of Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, should we expect anything less? It's rare that I laugh out loud during a comedy trailer but this one did the trick, several times. There's only one catch, you need to put in an American zip code, along with a name and age that matches it. If you aren't American, I suggest getting in touch with your American cousin, and steal their info because it's worth it. Check the trailer out HERE. Good luck.

Extra Tidbit: It's reasons like exclusive access to the SUPERBAD red-band trailer that makes the USA the most powerful country on Earth.
Source: The Movie Box



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