Superhero cast

If EPIC MOVIE wasn't enough spoofing of the superhero genre for you, luckily Dimension Films is gearing up its own spoof SUPERHERO. Sara Paxton (AQUAMARINE), Drake Bell ("Drake & Josh"), Christopher McDonald, Leslie Nielsen, Kevin Hart, Marion Ross, Ryan Hansen, Jeffrey Tambor and Brent Spiner (whew!) have all signed on to star in the comedy for director Craig Mazin. While you might hear something about David Zucker's name, don't get this confused with classic Zucker spoofs like AIRPLANE!, THE NAKED GUN or TOP SECRET. This is definitely more SCARY MOVIE 4 than anything else. ( Isn't it a shame though that we didn't get more movies out of the Zuckers and Pat Proft while they were in their prime?...) As for the plot, well it's a parody so don't expect much other than laughs at the expense of SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN, HULK, PUNISHER, etc. Filming is set to begin this month and Dimension has already set an ambitious March 28 release date. Just in time for all you crazy kids to watch while you're on spring break.

Extra Tidbit: Those naked Vanessa Hudgens pictures were apparently sent to SUPERHERO star Bell and not her boyfriend Zac Efron.
Source: Variety



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