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A while back it was announced that SUPERHERO MOVIE was getting made and I instantly expected another trashy idiotic send-up of an entire genre (where making fun of Paris Hilton was considered funny), made by the creeps who gave us DATE MOVIE, EPIC MOVIE, and MEET THE SPARTANS. But now that I’ve watched the brand new trailer, it’s become apparent that this movie is more of real narrative with a flowing plot, and that it takes aim primarily at the SPIDER-MAN myth, instead of hopping from one random pop-culture reference to another. It claims to be from the makers of SCARY MOVIE and NAKED GUN, and if there’s one face that belongs in a spoof movie, it’s Leslie Nielsen’s. So seeing him in the Uncle Ben role was a comfort.

But then I head over to film’s imdb.com page, where it’s called SUPERHERO! and was written and directed by a man named Craig Mazin, who apparently had nothing to do with NAKED GUN movies, and wrote SCARY MOVIE 3 and 4. The film’s brief plot description also describes it as a “send-up of superhero films, from Batman Begins to Fantastic Four.” So I don’t know what to believe, the film’s trailer or it’s imdb page? Isn’t everything I read on the internet true? Jamie Lynn Spears was impregnated by a 19-headed mule-boy, right? RIGHT?!?! Check out the film’s trailer HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Craig Mazin was a contestant on Win Ben Stein's money in 1997.
Source: /Film



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