Superhero Stackhouse

Stackhouse's litte "problem" from Season1

Have it in you to watch another Superhero Comedy? How'bout if it's a romantic superhero comedy? This one's Australian AND it stars True Blood's Jason Stackhouse, so don't worry - no sappy Hollywood story here. Hopefully.

Actor Ryan Kwanten is currently filming under first-time director Leon Ford on Aussie comedy GRIFF THE INVISIBLE, which is touted as a “fresh, highly-original romantic comedy”. Not every day we see such a phrase deservedly put together...

The story centers on a superhero by night/office worker by day whose world is turned upside down when meeting a cute scientist lady who takes a particular interest in him. "At its core it’s a simple love story," director Ford says, "about two very unique individuals finding each other and giving the other the strength to be what they want to be." Yeah, should've sticked with Stackhouse is in this...

The Australian release is set for summer 2010, hopefully to cross over here soon after. If only on DVD; Sookie's big bro is da bomb so I'm up for this.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if the character's name is intentional - H.G. Wells' Invisible Man was named Griffin. Although that one ended up not quite so heroic.
Source: Moviehole



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