Superman to solve crises in West Africa in next film?

It was during a conversation about Batman that David Goyer revealed to Christopher Nolan that he had an idea on how to crack the code for the perfect SUPERMAN movie. Is it possible that his idea was to send Superman to West Africa?

It sounds unlikely (yet at the same time, somewhat likely) but that's the current rumor. I had heard rumbling about this very prospect and now comes news from What's Playing that SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL will have Clark Kent attempting to shed the Superman persona by traveling in roving reporter form to West Africa to prove he can help mankind without his superpowers.

Rumors that I heard were that the opening of the film would indeed have Clark/Supes out of his element before an incident (in this case, it's reported he gets involved in a war between native tribes) sends him back to Smallville / Metropolis.

I appreciate Goyer, Nolan and Snyder's ambition but aren't we at risk of overthinking this whole Superman thing much in the same fashion that led to SUPERMAN RETURNS disappointing audiences? Why does "Superman questions his powers?" have to be a continuing theme? How about a better theme, namely, Superman kicks some f*cking ass.

I am encouraged by the Anne Hathaway as Lois Lane rumors (she's about 100x more Lois than Kate Bosworth ever was) but I'm just hoping we don't spend too much time with globetrotting, do-gooder, missionary Superman and more time with Superman using his vast array of Kryptonian powers to f*ck shit up.

Extra Tidbit: Is there an arc from the comics you'd like to see this film follow?
Source: What's Playing



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