Suspiria starts shooting

There's something classic and brilliant about SUSPIRIA, but as you all might already know, David Gordon Green (PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) is remaking it.

After going almost a year or so without any news or details, the movie will start production in 2010. I know a lot of you have realized that remakes are going to happen no matter what, but that doesn't mean that they are a good idea. This is just a movie that I find unnecessary to remake.

Argento's original vision of this gruesome tale was colorful, bloody, and creepy as f*ck. Seriously, this is one of those movies the first time I saw it, I shut it off half way through. With Green working on YOUR HIGHNESS, which sounds like it's going to be great, how much will he be able to put into SUSPIRIA? Luca Guadagnino was the one who originally mentioned this in the Variety article, as he is producing the remake for company, First Sun.

SUSPRIRIA is a project that would need serious long time planning, and a film that you would have to solely devote yourself too. I'm sure it will bring in some cash, so I guess it doesn't matter what they do.

Extra Tidbit: Dario Argento was inspired to make this film by stories of Daria Nicolodi's grandmother, who claimed to have fled from a German music academy because witchcraft was being secretly practiced there.
Source: Variety



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