Swank visits Fangland

Toothsome Oscar-winner Hilary Swank is going to put her impressive chompers to an appropriate title -- namely the upcoming horror flick FANGLAND.

Based on the John Marks novel, FANGLAND follows an ambitious TV producer who ventures to Romania for some exclusive face-time with a nefarious arms dealer... who might just be the legendary Dracula. Swank will play his teeth. (Kidding, yeah.)

The adaptation comes from writer Mark Wheaton (THE MESSENGERS), who squeezed in his draft before the strike started. Wheaton, a noted Voorhees supporter, also penned a carnage-drenched draft for the reboot of FRIDAY THE 13th, which apparently has since been discarded. He also has everything from monster movies to political thrillers to historical biopics in the works.

With luck, FANGLAND will end up better than Swank's last genre attempt THE REAPING. She'll next be seen with the deceased Gerard Butler in PS I LOVE YOU, BUT YOU NEED TO HIT THE GYM AND TIGHTEN UP THOSE THIGHS, BABE.
Extra Tidbit: The book's author was once a producer for 60 Minutes.
Source: Variety



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