Swedish crime thiller being remade with ultimate badass Zac Efron

Now that High School Musical craziness has been officially been replaced by some prepubescent kid named Justin Beaver(?), it appears HSM's stars are free to try and go about the monumental task of re-directing their various careers.

No one is trying harder than Zac Efron, who is something of a casting punchline in the industry today (Zac Efron for Robin! Zac Efron for Spider-man!), and he’s trying to shed that image with his latest movie choices. He’s had a few meatier roles like in ME AND ORSON WELLS and the upcoming CHARLIE ST. CLOUD, but EASY MONEY could be his “gamechanger.”

The original film is called SNABBA CASH (awesome title), and it’s a Swedish crime thriller that’s been trying to get remade in America for some time now. The story follows a young finance whiz who has a plan to get rich quick by selling coke. What could possibly go wrong?

Going from dancing basketball star to drug lord in a few years is quite the career path for young Efron, and I’m curious to see how this goes. The only thing I’ve seen him outside of HSM was HAIRSPRAY, but he was essentially the same character, albeit with more hair gel.

Think Efron has it in him to become a legit actor, or is he stuck with the Disney label for life?

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, I think a haircut would take this kid a long way.
Source: THR



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