Sweeney Todd on hold?

The just started production of Tim Burton's SWEENEY TODD might have already hit a stumbling blocks. The British tabloids are reporting this morning that production on TODD has been halted while Depp cares for his sick daughter. Lily-Rose, 7, was admitted to a London hospital earlier this month for an undisclosed illness and was, according to reports, in "serious condition." Depp's publicist confirmed the news but refused to elaborate saying the actor's daughter was "doing much better." It would certainly make sense that Depp take some time off from the film to tend to health issues with his family but would they shut down the entire film? The Sun is reporting that because Depp is the star of the film, there's only so much filming that can be done without him and if he doesn't return soon, the production may need to be put on hold indefinitely. You know what they say in the news business - developing...(Thanks to FilmIck for the heads up.)

Source: The Sun



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