Sweeney with blood

If there's one thing most of us want to see in Tim Burton's SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET, the feature adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's deliciously twisted musical of the same name, it's blood. That and JoBlo.com man-crush Johnny Depp, of course.

The film centers on a wronged aristocrat (Depp) who, after being jailed, reinvents himself as a barber and exacts murderous, stylist-inspired revenge on those who wronged him, all the while finding time for passionate singing and expertly choreographed dance. If, given that plot, the film's marketing doesn't provide us with some scenes of exuberant hacking and slashing, we might just get a little antsy.

Lucky for us, though, the kind folks at Cinema Blend uploaded to the YouTubes a brand-spanking new trailer showcasing the vengeful bloodlusting side of our dearly wronged barber. If it's blood ye wants, it's blood ye shall receive. Sweeney Todd unleashes his demons on December 21st.

Extra Tidbit: The film's screenwriter John Logan also wrote THE AVIATOR and THE LAST SAMURAI.
Source: YouTube



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