SyFy original movies now coming to theaters?

You've seen them on your couch when you're drunk, high, bored or all of the above but now the SyFy Original Movies are coming to your local theaters. Universal Pictures and SyFy have entered into a partnership to create SyFy Films, a production company that will generate theatrical release films that Universal will distribute.

According to the release, the plan is to use SyFy's "expertise in science fiction, fantasy, supernatural and horror" movies to "create commercially successful quality films." Expertise that has churned out such winners as DINOCROC VS. SUPERGATOR, FLU BIRD HORROR, ICE SPIDERS, MANSQUITO and, of course, SHARKS IN VENICE.

Universal and SyFy will begin releasing two films a year under the banner starting in 2012 and there's no word yet on what the first film will be but now might be a good time to acquire the rights to CRACKOON, the film about a "crack-addicted raccoon with a craving for blood" (this is a real movie - please Google it).

Besides the obvious, it strikes me as a strange move because Universal had an arm dedicated to releasing lower-budgeted genre films - Rogue Pictures - and they sold it off to Relativity Media after releasing only 16 films. Not sure why they'd have better luck this time around but consider that NBC Universal owns SyFy and it's likely all part of some larger synergy-developing strategy. Good luck with all that.

Extra Tidbit: Debbie Gibson and Tiffany: clear your schedules!
Source: Deadline



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