Sylar is Spock?

Even though Sylar on NBC's HEROES turned out to be one of the more disappointing characters in recent television memory, that remains no fault of actor Zachary Quinto (it's in the writing, people!), and squandered potential or not, Quinto has no doubt ensured himself a career boost after starring in one of television's most talked about shows, and the actor recently spoke out on one of his dream roles, saying: "I missed the ‘Superman Returns’ boat, so I’m angling for ‘Star Trek.’ People are constantly telling me I bear some resemblance to Leonard Nimoy."

Quinto is also aware of his co-star Greg Grunberg's close relationship with new STAR TREK director J.J. Abrams (he's had roles in ALIAS and LOST): "Maybe Sylar should tell Greg, ‘I promise I won’t kill you if you get me an audition,’ …We’ll see what happens." So there it is, everyone. Zachary Quinto wants a chance to play one of the most iconic sci-fi characters of all time. Can you say career suicide??? Not! Here's hoping for some major STAR TREK announcements once ComicCon roles around.

Extra Tidbit: Take a look at that photo. If that's not Spock, I don't know who is.
Source: Trekmovie.com



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