Synecdoche trailer!

"I don't know why I make it so complicated." "Because that's what you do."

That line, from the new trailer for Charlie Kaufman's SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK, sums up his work on his latest film pretty well. The reviews so far have been a maddening mix of travesty and masterpiece. A film you'll never want to see again or one you'll want to see again immediately. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it yet but after seeing this trailer, I'm going to get my ass in front of this screen posthaste. The film, which opens in NYC and LA on October 24th, has its trailer online today and if it's any indication on whether I'll like the movie or not, after it was over I wanted to watch it again immediately. Check it out below or head to Yahoo! Movies to see it in HD.

Extra Tidbit: Spike Jonze was at one time set to direct but was tied up with WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.
Source: Yahoo!



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