T4 hits a snag

I'm not sure if any of you out there were really looking forward to a TERMINATOR 4 that wouldn't include Arnold Schwarzenegger, but if you were, prepare to be disappointed. Halcyon Co., the company that owns the rights to the TERMINATOR sequel, recently filed a lawsuit against MGM saying the studio is interfering with their plans to make a fourth film. Halcyon would like the right to sell distribution of TERMINATOR 4 to the highest bidder but MGM is claiming it has rights to distribute the film through a deal when Orion declared bankruptcy in 1990. The rest is all legal mumbo-jumbo but suffice it to say, you probably won't see much TERMINATOR 4 action until this all cools down. The funny party is that MGM says they had committed $200 million to a TERMINATOR 4 to which I say, where the hell is MGM coming up with $200 million?! I had no idea MR. BROOKS was such a bit hit... Anyway, I think we'd all be happy if a TERMINATOR 4 never happened and we can all move on with our life watching "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" on Fox.

Extra Tidbit: With movies like SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, PLATOON and DANCES WITH WOLVES, how did Orion go bankrupt?
Source: Variety



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