T4 plot details!

So after a lot of back and forth on Christian Bale's role in TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, those wily boys at CHUD are finally able to shine some light on the character and the plot. As it turns out, Bale's John Connor is NOT a major character in TERMINATOR SALVATION. In fact they say he is "barely" in the script. The main character of SALVATION is Marcus, a "Riddick" like character who "was put 'out of commission' before the nuclear holocaust on Judgment Day and he wakes up about 15 years before the future we see in the original Terminator films, which puts the movie at about 2015 or so." So why did producers say Bale was "the star?" Well it's all in semantics. They said, "John Connor is an ongoing, very central character throughout the next trilogy." And CHUD confirms that. Bale's Connor will be a much bigger role in parts 5 and 6 but in SALVATION, his role is minor. To read more about details from TERMINATOR SALVATION, which McG is scheduled to direct early next year, click here to head over to CHUD.

Extra Tidbit: CHUD also has word of another classic TERMINATOR character who'll be making a return...
Source: CHUD



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