T4 rumor control

In the face of a number of rumors trailing the upcoming film TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, the film's producers went to Entertainment Weekly in hopes of clearing the air. Yes, Christian Bale is playing John Connor but there were reports about his role being a smaller, supporting part. True? Not quite. Bale will in fact be the star of the film but, as expected, will co-star with another actor of "equal presence" who will play the new Terminator. That Terminator will not be a new version of Schwarzenegger's classic killing machine but instead a "completely new character." And that may not be all. When asked if this character is in fact a Terminator, producer Derek Anderson says, "No, not really. That's one of the big twists that if we told you...It would ruin the story for you." Hmm...interesting. As far as Schwarzenegger returning to make an appearance, it is a possibility. "If he does, it would be a very small cameo," says Anderson. They talk more about the film including the fan's reaction to McG directing and how exactly they came to Bale as John Connor. Pretty interesting article and you can check it out by clicking here.

Extra Tidbit: Quiz: How many actors have played John Connor over the years?



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