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T4 teaser description


Christian Bale, TERMINATOR 4 The folks over at Ain't It Cool News were recently sent a description of the teaser trailer for the still ridiculously titled sequel TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS that we'll apparently be seeing in front of THE DARK KNIGHT. Here's a little taste:

It opens with footage of people out in every day life. Christian Bale voiceovers something like:

"I always knew it happen"...

Than a pause...

"They told me I could stop it."

The same people begin looking to the sky....

"That I could save us".

Looks of horror come across their faces as he says,

"They were wrong".

Awwwwww shit! Save the future, John Connor and mysterious other apparently prominent character played by Sam Worthington! Read the rest of it over HERE. Skynet nukes humanity's ass on May 22nd of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Have we mentioned that SALVATION writer, John D. Brancato, also wrote CATWOMAN?
Source: AICN



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