T5 in the works?

Before many of us have even made up our minds on TERMINATOR SALVATION, McG and Warner Bros. are already actively developing the next TERMINATOR film. Variety reports that McG and producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek are working on the SALVATION sequel with Christian Bale set to star. While SALVATION was expected to be the first in a new trilogy of TERMINATOR films, active development on a sequel wasn't set to begin until after the summer. But all parties were so happy with how SALVATION is coming along, they decided to move ahead of schedule. They've also set a tentative summer 2011 release date for the next TERMINATOR film. Without knowing all that much about SALVATION, it's obviously unclear what might happen in the sequel but it's expected that Sam Worthington's character "Marcus" will see his screen time grow. Contrary to popular belief, the new line of Terminators will not be made entirely out of Lego.

So a fifth TERMINATOR film, huh? I'm intrigued that everyone involved is so bullish but they must really feel confident in what they have down...

Extra Tidbit: Give me a Michael Biehn cameo for chrissake!
Source: Variety



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